About us

Cain Technologies (India) Private Limited was founded in November 1998 with its headquarters in New Delhi and support offices in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam comprising nearly 120 people working pan India. The company is managed by professionals having relevant experience of over 25 years in Telecommunication, Defence and Information Technology sectors.

The company has a complete understanding of the dynamics of International and local market. The expertise lies in conceptual and innovative selling with deep focus on strong relationship building with service providers, vendors and policy makers. Its expertise lies in the execution and marketing of high value Turnkey Telecom contracts, Security applications and solutions & Information Technology products. The group has the capability to develop IT applications, customized modelling, gaming and simulation solutions.

The group has continuously endeavoured to update its skills and capabilities. It can provide solutions from inception, planning, getting regulatory and technical approvals, arranging tie ups, designing, engineering and execution of projects.

The company was founded by Rajiv Gupta, a pioneer entrepreneur in bringing the state of the art technologies to the country. The Cain group is focussing on new innovative technologies to drive its business.

Our strengths leveraged by our partners :

1.  A keen eye for deciphering the right technology / product for the Indian market.

2.  Top of the line business intelligence abreast with market dynamics.

3.  Result oriented business relations important for gaining market foothold.

4.  Regulatory understanding & advice useful in deregulating markets like India.

Technologies :

The company is dealing in contemporary and futuristic technologies, some of these are :

  • Surveillance
  • Propulsion
  • Communication
  • Sensors
  • Laser
  • Aerospace
  • IT software
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Simulations
  • UAV / AUV / UGV

Our Clients

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